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finish the game with 800 rocks didn't know gas mask gonna end it

i enjoyed playing this game, hoping you'll add more levels, items, and upgrades.


Great game!!!! \o/

Is there seriously no mute option? wow

Sorry! We haven’t added pause or options in this version because it’s an early demo. We’ll add it in the future :)

Glad to hear it. Thanks.


I always just right click the chrome tab and mute it lol

That's a great tip, thank you.

Cool game. Please add an option to mine, shovel with just one click instead of having to hold down the mouse button. Would make it much more relaxing.


Wow, this is a very great game, can't wait for the coming soon stuff. I never died once, and this game really made me fear falling into a hole. Judging by the comments, it only removes oxygen, and the ending made me jump, because the sudden popup saying "The mine is collapsing!" and the spikey music really put fear into me. Thank god I made a straight run from there to the shop.


ur scared of falling into a hole? you just teleport back up if you fall into a hole

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short fun game. I really liked it and it has a lot of potential. Can't wait for the full version! 


Def make it a lot harder I think it would be more exciting. Falling into a hole should have bigger consequences. Perhaps make it do % oxygen damage, like 10%. 

Maybe make rock depletion faster after losing all oxygen. From the end to the beginning I only lost 120 of my 600 rocks. Enemies should give less rocks, right now its way too much. Also I feel like breaking rocks to give back oxygen is too frequent. 

Also the light should do something other than give vision I think since i kept it level 1 for the entire demo

Good game and concept, however, I broke the game with upgrades.  It was still really fun though.


Adictivo como el solo. Una pasada!.


this is a very good game but *cough* *cough* oxygen is spelt wrongly in the description its oxygen not oxigen

Left handed. Need arrow keys for movement... Arrow keys literally mean 'direction'.

Hi, Darvious! I’m really sorry for the inconvenience, I’ve just updated the game with arrow keys control. Hope you enjoy the game :)

Cool, nice game! Looking forward to more :)


Never died so I never experienced the roguelite elements, but I managed to beat the whole game in under an hour. Pretty enjoyable experience! Will be looking forward to the continuation.


I'm amazed, this is reeeally well made!


The music loop really makes this a better experience.


A well-polished game, but it gets a bit repetitive after a while. A significant amount of the time in this game is spent on walking to and fro, which just isn't very fun. I couldn't be bothered to continue after a half hour of playing.


Beat the demo and wanted more so it must be good.


We really enjoyed this game! Congratulations!

The art style is pretty good, the music is soothing, difficulty wise is not difficult at all and once you have certain upgrades it becomes a walk in the park!

The twist at the end really made us thirsty for more!

A little bug we have to write about is that the diggers can sometimes fly over the empty tiles while in dig mode.