Tribalia Early Launch! V0.1

Tribalia is a life simulation. It's an artifical intelligence experiment. This first version is a early version of the idea, a kind of very early acces of the full simulation.

The little Thumboys live in the wild nature, exploring the world, eating and fighting their brothers. And you can watch it!

Create a world, take a sit and enjoy evolution.  The Thumboys will move around looking for food and others of its kind, will eat and grow and fight to death. It all depends on their personality!

The actual version is 0.1, which includes:

  • Main menu where you can set up the world.
  • Random world generation, including food and Thumboys.
  • Camera system: move around, zoom and follow the Thumboy you want.
  • Basic AI for Thumboys. Each one is different and have a particular personality. Some of them are more curious, other are more fighters, etc.
  • Basic Combat for Thumboys. When two Thumboys fight, they fight to death. The stronger will survive!
  • Basic Alimentation for Thumboys. When a Thumboy is hungry, he go to the closest food position he remember. If there is food, he will eat. If there isn't he will explore looking for one.

Enjoy it! If you find bugs, have some question or want to propose something, contact me via Twitter or a DM on Itchio!

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Aug 29, 2020
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Aug 29, 2020

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