Roadmap for Tribalia V0.2

Hi, you all! After the launch of Tribalia 0.1 and the good welcome, I’m already working on version 0.2. This is just a small note talking about the roadmap to version 0.2. So…

What will Tribalia 0.2 include?

New Socialization system

Right now, if one Thumboy is exploring and find another one, they could do two things: enter on a fight or just ignore each other.

With the new socialization system, when a Thumboy find another one (and if he’s not too shy), they will “socialize”. That means they could share information if they are friendly enough (like telling each other places where there is food), they could fight if any of them is too hostile or they can even fall in love!

Love and Partners

In this new version, Thumboys can fall in love with each other. When a Thumboy finds another that it’s compatible enough, they can become partners. If two Thumboys are partners, they won’t never attack each other, and after some time, they can procreate!

Procreation and Breeding

After a while being partners, two Thumboys can procreate. After a little mating ritual, a new Thumboy will born. In this version, Thumboys will born directly as adults, but in future version they will first be helpless childs!

Better Combat System

Right now, when two Thumboys fight, they just hit each other to death. With the new combate system, the figthers can move during combat and even run away if the health is low!

Actions Info

Above the health bar of each, different little icons will be showed, depending on the actions of the Thumboy, so you can know what is the Thumboy exactly doing.

Adjust Camera Controls and Fast Forward Button

The camera controls will be adjusted and upgraded so it will be more comfortable to use. Also, a fast forward button will be added, so you can watch everything quicker!

Pathfinding A*

Right now, the Thumboys movement is linear and very chaotic. I’m going to implement a Pathfinding algorithm so the movement is faster and feel better in general.

Better visuals, VFX and Sound.

In 0.2, I’ll add some visual effects, particles and light effects, so the visuals can be enjoyed more. Also, I’ll try to add a prettier UI and add some sounds FX and nice music.

And that’s all! It’s several amount of work, and I calculate at least 2 weeks of work to complete the Version 0.2. But it will be worth it!

Thanks for reading, cheers!

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